2020 Travel Teams/Coaches

GU9 Chill Coach Bellapianta 329-5275
GU10 Legends Coach Veltre 781-4471
GU12 Cheetahs Coach Gagnon 781-0177
GU17 Heat Coach Read  302-545-7321
BU10 Clutch Kevin Consaul 585-613-8600
BU11 Coyotes Coach Barth 716-930-6396
BU15 Cougars Coach Veltre 781-4471
BU17 Express Coach Onderdonk 737-0147

If you are looking for a team, interested in helping to coach, or starting a team that is not listed in the below age groups please reach out to either Jamie Gagnon (President)/Dave V. (travel coordinator)/Christina Read (V.P.).